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Categories listed on this page:

Concepts and Moods

The Concepts and Moods section of our stock photography collection centers around contemplation and quietness and also includes concepts such as celebration, shopping, and objects. These are listed in alphabetical order by subject.

  • Abstracts
  • Amusement parks
  • Balloons
  • Cats
  • Family: canoeing, walking
  • Holding hands (image no. 3971-32, B&W print)Fireworks and celebrations
  • Flight: airplane wing with clouds below
  • Graffiti
  • Graphics
  • Hands: clasped (photo at right), cooking, computing, etc.
  • Meetings: Patio chairs/tables and boxes of bags and binders for a conference
  • Objects: closeups, unusual views
  • Patterns in architecture: stairways, bricks, bridges (wooden and suspension)
  • Patterns in nature: rocks, cave ceilings, leaves, branches, clouds, ice on branches
  • People relaxing (lake, beach)
  • Photography: People photographing, people with cameras
  • Reflections in water: trees, boats, buildings, etc.
  • Scenics: landscapes, back roads, paths into woods
  • Shopping: store displays, people buying and selling
  • Signs: Neon at night
  • Time: clock towers, neon clock at night
  • Worship: stained-glass windows, church interiors, people sitting in churches

See samples on the Concepts & Moods page

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Nature and the Seasons

The Nature section of our stock photography collection focuses on scenics and plants, and covers all four seasons.

  • Spring
    • Flowers, flowering trees
  • Autumn leaves floating in stream (image no. 4BD2-04)Summer
    • Trees
    • Cypress swamp
    • Sea oats and sand dunes
  • Autumn
    • Leaves: fallen (photo at right), on trees
    • Trees: singles, groups, reflected in water
    • Landscapes
  • Winter
    • Branches coated with ice
    • Snowy hillsides
    • Snow-covered trees
    • Bare branches against blue sky
    • Leaves in frozen puddles
  • Ceiling of basalt-pillar cave (image no. 9926-34)Nonseasonal
    • Sunsets
    • Clouds
    • Rock patterns
    • Cave ceiling (basalt) (photo at right)
    • Tree bark
    • Streams
    • Poison ivy

See samples on the Nature page

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The Places section of our stock photography collection focuses on Italy and also covers Scotland, other parts of Europe, and North America. This is by far the largest group of images we have.


Visit our Gallery. Our first exhibit shows a new sample of images of the interiors of some churches in central and northern Italy.

Our Italy subjects are listed in geographical order, sweeping the country from northwest to southeast.


  • Graffiti
  • Architectural details (windows, doors, gates, chimneys, roofs, etc.) (photo at right)
  • Shrines

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Northern Italy

Val d'Aosta

  • Slate roof in the Val d'Aosta (image no. 88990-21)Aosta
    • Roman forum
    • Roman amphitheater
    • Church bell tower, with clock
    • Church interior
    • Cathedral façade, with frescoes
    • Piazza Cernoux
  • Alps
    • Cervino (Matterhorn)
    • Mountain roads

See samples on the Other Italy page

Torino and Piemonte (Piedmont)

  • Torino (Turin)
    • Mole Antonelliana
    • Wrought-iron gate to Palazzo Reale, Torino (image no. 22027-01)Covered sidewalks
    • Parco San Valentino
    • Piazzas: Carlo Felice, San Carlo, Castello, etc.
    • Palazzos: Reale (photo at right), Madama
    • Po River
    • City life: streets, stores, outdoor vendors, flower markets and vendors, restaurants, bars, courtyards, streetlamps, signs, Christmas displays and decorations (day and night)
    • Cityscapes
  • Piemonte
    • Saluzzo: streets, alleys, homes, archways, orchards
    • Abbey of Staffarda (inside and outside)
    • Abbey of Vezzolano
    • Castelnuovo don Bosco
    • Castello Masino
    • Lago di Orta
    • Countryside (vineyards, views of Alps, etc.)

See samples on the Torino & Piemonte page

Venice and the Veneto

  • Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute (image no. 2215A-01)Venice
    • Canals and bridges (including Grand Canal at night)
    • Gondolas and gondoliers
    • Work boats: vaporetti, ferries, delivery boats, taxis, construction equipment, Carabinieri, etc.
    • Churches: San Marco (St. Mark's), Santa Maria della Salute (photo at right), Santi Giovanni e Paolo (also inside), Santi Apostoli, San Giorgio, Santa Maria dei Miracoli, Santo Stefano (inside), etc.
    • Palaces: Palazzo del Doge, Ca' d'Oro, façades along the Grand Canal, etc.
    • Shop displays: masks, glassware (also in Murano), florists, dolls, newsstands, linens, etc.
    • Homes: windows, balconies, boat docks, decorations, etc. (including the extra-colorful houses of Burano)
    • Ghetto (Jewish quarter)
    • People: working (delivering goods, making glass, buying and selling at markets, building construction/maintenance), relaxing, rowing, walking, dining, feeding pigeons
    • City life: streets, piazzas, stores, outdoor vendors, fruit/vegetable markets and vendors, eating outdoors, restaurants, bars, courtyards, streetlamps, construction, signs, laundry hanging, graffiti, Christmas displays and decorations (day and night)
  • Verona
    • Castelvecchio
    • Ponte Scaligeri
    • Adige River

See samples on the Venice & Veneto page


  • Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Liguria (image no. E8DA-34)Cinque Terre:
    • Vernazza: harbor, town (photo at right), people, coastline
    • Monterosso al Mare
  • Noli Ligure: city wall, towers, beach, fishermen


  • Ravenna: 6th-Century mosaics, Roman mosaics
  • Brisighella: medieval town center, Via degli Asini, clock tower, fort, orchard on hillside
  • Bologna:
    • Covered sidewalks
    • Torre degli Asinelli
    • Roofscapes (cityscapes from atop the tower)
    • University of Bologna: anatomy dissection room, library
    • Seven Churches of the Abbey of Santo Stefano
    • Sunday-morning antiques street market
  • Ferrara: Cathedral, Castello d'Este, street scenes
  • Modena: Cathedral (also inside), street scenes
  • Parma: Duomo (also inside), Battistero (also inside)
  • Countryside: landscapes, farms, churches (Santa Maria in Castello, Pieve del Thò)
  • Piacenza: Piazza Cavalli, street scenes

See samples on the Emilia-Romagna page

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Central Italy

Florence and Tuscany

  • Florence
    • Duomo (also inside)
    • Tower of Giotto
    • Churches: Santa Maria Novella (also inside), San Francesco
    • Arno River: landscapes, crew rowing, sunset
    • Ponte Vecchio
    • Palazzo Vecchio (courtyard and outside)
    • Cityscapes from Tower of Giotto
  • Siena
    • Piazza del Campo
    • Palazzo Pubblico
    • Duomo
    • Street scenes
    • Cityscapes
    • Shop displays: ceramics
  • Pisa Cathedral and Tower (image no. 7082-05)Pisa
    • Cathedral (also inside)
    • Leaning Tower (photo at right)
    • Statues, piazzas
    • Arno River scenes
  • San Gimignano:
    • Piazza Cisterna
    • Towers
    • Street scenes
    • Outdoor market
    • People working (silversmith, baristas)
    • Church of Sant' Agostino (also inside)
  • Monteriggione
  • Abbey of Sant' Antimo (also inside)

See samples on the Florence & Tuscany page


  • Perugia
    • Piazzas
    • City life: streets, pedestrian alleys, outdoor vendors, restaurants, bars, signs, laundry hanging, people going into church for a wedding, students working against AIDS and drugs
    • Churches: San Domenico (also at night), Sant'Agostino, Duomo, etc.
    • Cityscapes
  • Gubbio
    • City life: streets, outdoor vendors
    • Roman theater
    • Churches: Duomo, San Francesco
    • Farmer pruning olive tree, Umbria (image no. 6B4D0-22)Palazzi: dei Consoli, Ducale
    • Shop displays: ceramics, oil
    • People: walking, talking
  • Assisi: Cathedral of San Francesco (St. Francis), street scenes, people
  • Todi: Cityscapes, street scenes, homes, Cathedral, people relaxing
  • Orvieto: Duomo (also inside)
  • Spoleto: Duomo, castle, San Pietro, Ponte delle Torri (Bridge of the Towers), street scenes
  • Bevagna: piazzas, Roman Baths museum, street scenes
  • Villages: Montefalco, Castel San Giovanni, etc.
  • Countryside, hill towns, farms, vineyards, farmer pruning olive tree (photo at right)

See samples on the Umbria page


  • Camerino: churches, street scenes, graffiti, people walking/talking

Rome and Lazio

  • Rome
    • Wheelbarrow in courtyard, Rome (image no. 3F5B0-30) City life: streets, stores, outdoor vendors, greengrocery and flower markets and vendors, city police, eating outdoors, bars (including the bar famous for the best coffee in Italy, "Sant'Eustachio il Caffè"), courtyards, sculptures, obelisks, graffiti, construction (photo at right), Christmas displays and decorations (day and night)
    • Folk dancers and musicians
    • Roman antiquities: Colosseum (including "gladiators" outside), Palatino, Pantheon (also inside), Forums, Teatro di Marcello, Bocca della Verità, Temple of Vesta, Temple of Virile Fortune, arches, columns
    • Piazzas: Navona, Campo dei Fiori, di Spagna, Venezia, Cavour, del Popolo (some also at Christmas, some also at night)
    • Churches and Basilicas: San Giorgio in Velabro, Santa Maria in Trastevere (also inside), Santa Maria in Cosmedin, Santa Francesca Romana (also inside), San Paolo Fuori le Mura (also inside), Sant' Eustachio, Santa Maria sopra Minerva (also inside), Sant' Ivo alla Sapienza (also inside), Sant'Andrea della Valle (also inside), San Luigi dei Francesi (also inside), Sant' Agnese in Agone (also inside), San Pietro in Vincoli, Santa Maria di Loreto, Santissimo Nome di Santa Maria, Sant' Anselmo, Chiesa Valdese (also inside), etc.
    • Palazzos: La Sapienza, etc.
    • Fountains: Trevi, Tartarughe, Sant'Eustachio, various at Piazza Navona, etc.
    • Monuments: Vittorio Emanuele II, etc.
    • Shop displays: greengrocers, antiques, wicker, florists, etc.
    • Verano Cemetery (scenics, people placing flowers)
    • Villa Giulia, Villa Borghese
    • People: working, shopping, dining, talking, walking, hanging out laundry
    • Cityscapes (including from the top of St. Peter's)
    • Tiber River (also at sunset)
    • Trastevere
  • Archways around cupola of St. Peter's Cathedral, Vatican (image no. 50657-17)Vatican
    • St. Peter's Square (also at Christmas): fountains, sculptures, colonnades, façade of San Pietro, etc.
    • San Pietro: inside, crypt, cupola (also inside) and roof area (photo at right)
    • Castel Sant'Angelo (also at night), starlings swooping over castle and over angels on Ponte Sant' Angelo
    • Crowd standing in the rain for Pope John Paul II's Easter benediction
  • Lazio
    • Viterbo: medieval town center, churches, Christmas decorations
    • Cerveteri: medieval town center, Etruscan tombs (necropoli)
    • Grottaferrata: Byzantine Abbey of Santa Maria in Grottaferrata (outside and inside)
    • Terracina: the Cathedral and the Roman Tempio di Giove Anxur
    • Ostia Antica
    • Villa Adriana (near Tivoli)

See samples on the Rome & Lazio page

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Southern Italy


  • Pompeii: street scenes, cityscapes, homes, shops, thermal baths, gathering places, temples, sculptures, mosaics, etc.
  • Arches across front of Duomo, AmalfiAmalfi Coast
    • Amalfi: Duomo (photo at right), Piazza Duomo, shop displays (limoncello, ceramics, puppets), outdoor cafes
    • Positano: beach, boats on beach, people playing in surf, high waves breaking over quay, shop displays (ceramics, clothing, artwork, secondhand goods, produce), cityscapes, Duomo, artist painting a seascape
    • Coastline: towers, shore
  • Capri
    • Capri: landscapes, cityscapes, street scenes, churches, homes, medieval quarter, Piazza Umberto, shop displays (limoncello, ceramics), outdoor cafes, non-Roman-Catholic cemetery
    • Anacapri: shop displays (shoes, ceramics, produce), Church of San Michele with painted ceramic floor
    • Marina Grande (port): cityscape, boats
  • Sorrento
    • Harbor at night and at sunrise, with boats at anchor
    • City at sunrise
    • Vesuvius across the bay

See samples on the Campania page


  • Alberobello: trulli (conical roofs)
  • Martina Franca: medieval quarter, trulli
  • Lecce: Roman amphitheater

See samples on the Other Italy page

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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland



  • Ferries (primarily Caledonian MacBrayne)
  • Trains
  • Lighthouses
  • Drystone walls
  • Phone boxes
  • Highland cattle
  • Black-faced sheep
  • Gorse in bloom


  • Celtic cross and cemetery, Kilnave (Cill Naoimh), Islay (image no. 10C61-04)Finlaggan (seat of Clan Donald and the Lords of the Isles from ~1350 to 1494)
  • Distilleries: Bowmore and others
  • Towns and villages: Port Charlotte, Bowmore, Port Askaig, and others
  • Churches: Kilnave, Kilchoman, Kildalton, Bowmore (also inside)
  • Celtic crosses: Kilnave (photo at right), Kilchoman, Kildalton
  • Cemeteries: Nereabolls, Bowmore, Kilnave, Kildalton, Kilchoman
  • Lochs: Indaal, Gruinart, Finlaggan
  • Standing stones
  • American Monument
  • Landscapes

See samples on the Islay and Jura page


  • Paps of Jura: as seen from Jura, from Islay (also snow covered), from Colonsay
  • Pier and small boat, Small Isles Bay, Jura (image no. 15A81-14)Standing stone: Camas an Staca
  • Craighouse: Jura Distillery, Jura Hotel
  • Cemeteries: Keills, Tarbert
  • Small Isles Bay (photo at right)
  • Loch Tarbert
  • Streams
  • Knockrome village
  • Farmer and native Gaelic speaker

See samples on the Islay and Jura page

Colonsay and Oronsay

  • Oronsay Priory and Celtic cross
  • Strand connecting two islands at low tide
  • Kiloran Bay
  • Landscapes

Mull, Iona, and Staffa

  • Mull:
    • Tobermory and Tobermory Bay
    • Duart Castle
    • Lochbuie stone circle
    • Calgary Bay
  • Inside, Iona AbbeyIona:
    • Abbey (inside and out) (photo at right)
    • Celtic crosses: St. Martin's, St. John's
    • Nunnery
  • Staffa
    • Basalt pillars
    • Fingal's Cave
  • Landscapes


  • Callanish Stone Circle

See samples on the Other Scotland page

Skye and area

    Eilean Donan castle, near Kyleakin (image no. E552-18, © Elizabeth Buie)
  • Clan Donald Centre, Armadale Castle and gardens
  • Fairy Bridge
  • Eilean Donan Castle (photo at right)
  • Landscapes


  • Dunollie Castle
  • McCaig's Tower
  • Harbor and cityscape

Inverness and area

    Clava Cairns, near Inverness and Culloden (© Elizabeth Buie)
  • Inverness city
  • Urquhart Castle
  • Culloden Battlefield
  • Clava Cairns (photo at right)


  • Italian Chapel
  • One of the Stones of Brodgar peeks through the surrouding tall grass (© Elizabeth Buie)Kirkwall – city, cathedral, and Bishop's Palace
  • Skara Brae
  • Ring of Brodgar (photo at right)
  • Stones of Stenness
  • Broch of Gurness
  • Brough of Birsay
  • Yesniby cliffs and shore
  • Village of Birsay
  • Dovecote and stream at Woodwick

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  • Tower of London
  • Ornamentaion on the Houses of ParliamentTower Bridge
  • Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament
  • Westminster Abbey (photo at right)
  • Westminster Cathedral
  • Hampton Court Palace (outside and grounds)
  • London Eye (ferris wheel)
  • City scenes (Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden, Millennium Bridge, etc.)

Stone circles, standing stones, and other ancient monuments

  • Stonehenge
  • Avebury
  • Long Meg and her Daughters
  • Merry Maidens
  • Merrivale (Dartmoor)


  • Farnham (Surrey)
  • Guildford (Surrey)
  • Old Wardour (Wiltshire)
  • Restormel (Cornwall)
  • Lulworth (Dorset)
  • Okehampton (Devon)
  • Old Sarum (Wiltshire)
  • Leeds (Kent)
  • Carisbrooke (Isle of Wight)
  • Farleigh-Hungerford (near Bath)
  • Pickering (North Yorkshire)


  • Guildford (Surrey)
  • Canterbury (Kent)
  • Salisbury (Wiltshire)
  • Winchester (Hampshire)
  • Chesterfield

Southeast: Hampshire, Kent, Surrey

  • Waverley AbbeyCanterbury: cathedral, St. Augustine's Abbey, street scenes
  • Winchester: cathedral, street scenes
  • Guildford: cathedral, castle, street scenes, riverside scenes
  • Battle Abbey
  • Small towns: Farnham, Fleet
  • Villages: Ibsley
  • Bishops Waltham Palace
  • Waverley Abbey (photo at right)
  • Leeds Castle
  • Carisbrooke Castle (Isle of Wight)
  • Donnington Castle
  • Countryside

See samples on the Southeast England page

Southwest: Wiltshire, Dorset, Devon, Cornwall, Somerset

  • Stonehenge (at morning and at late afternoon, under cloudy and clear skies)
  • Old Sarum
  • Lulworth Castle
  • Farleigh-Hungerford Castle
  • Gorgon's head, Bath Old Wardour Castle
  • Bath: Roman baths (photo at right), Bath Abbey, town scenes
  • Salisbury: cathedral, street scenes
  • Towns: Penzance, Truro, St. Ives, Lostwithiel
  • Villages: Abbotsbury (incl. St. Catherine's Chapel), Avebury, Widecombe-in-the-Moor
  • Dartmoor: standing stones, stone circles, stone rows, Sharp Tor, Bennett's Cross, landscapes
  • Restormel Castle
  • Merry Maidens stone circle
  • Dolmen
  • Abandoned tin mine
  • Barrows

See samples on the Southwest England page

Midlands: Shropshire, Derbyshire, North Yorkshire

  • Shropshire: Iron Bridge
  • North Yorkshire: North Yorkshire Moors Railway and nearby scenery
  • Derbyshire: Chesterfield: St. Mary's Church with its distorted spire

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Columns, Tintern AbbeyWales

  • Chepstow Castle
  • Caerphilly Castle
  • Raglan Castle
  • Cardiff Castle
  • Tintern Abbey (photo at right)

See samples on the Wales page

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Other parts of Europe


  • Metz: Cathedral, town


  • Munich: Viktualienmarkt, Altes Rathaus am Marienplatz, Alter Peter, New City Hall, Cityscapes from Alter Peter, towers of Frauenkirche
  • Bad Tölz, Isar River, and area, Bavaria


  • Lugano

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North America

Scenes from many parts of the United States, plus Canada

United States

US Mid-Atlantic

  • Chesapeake Bay Bridge, Maryland (image no. 4D5D-26)Chesapeake Bay area
    • William Preston Lane Memorial Bridge (Chesapeake Bay Bridge): bridge structure (photo at right), 1998 Bay Bridge Walk (individuals and groups), vehicles crossing bridge; sailboats in 1998 Whitbread Race
    • St. Michaels, Maryland: lighthouse (straight and reflected), boats, Bay scenes, Chesapeake Bay Marine Museum at dawn
    • Oxford, Maryland: sailboat moored in Bay at sunset (also with ducks in water)
    • Tilghman Island, Maryland: oyster shells, boats
    • Easton, Maryland: Old Third Haven Quaker Meeting House
  • Washington, DC
    • Monuments
    • Cherry blossoms
    • Capitol
    • Smithsonian Institution "castle"
    • National Building Museum
  • Montgomery County, Maryland:
    • Wheaton Volunteer Rescue Squad
    • Wheaton Farmer's Market (grand opening celebration)
    • Politicians: County Executive Doug Duncan, the late Maryland Comptroller Louis Goldstein
    • Wheaton Sparkles on the Fourth (July 4) celebration: fireworks, bagpipers, balloons, people
    • Traffic on the Capital Beltway at midday
    • Neon signs at night
  • Baltimore, Maryland: lighthouse in Inner Harbor, National Aquarium building
  • Western Maryland: landscapes, mostly of Garrett County
  • Northern Virginia: the Pope-Leighey House (exterior)
  • West Virginia: Shepherdstown scenes at Christmastime, Harpers Ferry

See samples on the Mid-Atlantic page

US Southeast

  • Sandbags on beach at Hatteras Light, NC (image no. 15DA3-12)North Carolina's Outer Banks
    • Hatteras: Lighthouse, beach with sandbags (photo at right), strand from atop Lighthouse, Lighthouse Visitor Center
    • Ocracoke: Lighthouse, Silver Lake, sunrise over Pamlico Sound
    • Rodanthe: Fishing pier
    • Ferries (Hatteras-Ocracoke, Ocracoke-Cedar Island)
  • Other Carolina beaches
    • Ocean Isle Beach (North Carolina): beach, pier, people walking along beach in early morning
    • Holden Beach (North Carolina): Homes, canals, sunset
    • Myrtle Beach (South Carolina): Grand Strand Park
  • Fayetteville, North Carolina: Market House
  • Nashville, Tennessee: Skyline at dawn
  • Richmond, Virginia: Old train station
  • Hot Springs, Virginia: victorian house at night, back roads, landscapes, streams

See samples on the Southeast USA page

US West coast

  • Playing in public fountain, Portland, Oregon (image no. 1844F-37)Seattle, Washington: downtown, Space Needle, Seattle Center, Pike Street Market
  • Portland, Oregon: downtown, people playing in fountain (photo at right)
  • Northern California
    • San Francisco: cable cars, Coit Tower, Chinatown, Embarcadero, etc.
    • Yosemite
    • Point Reyes: rock detail, sunset
    • Lick Observatory (San Jose)
  • Southern California
    • Santa Monica: Getty Museum grounds (1990)

See samples on the West Coast page

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Canada - Ontario

  • Ottawa: City scenes, woodland trails
  • Kingston
  • Gananoque

Digital Art

A mix of techniques to transform "ordinary" photographs into digital art.

See samples on the Digital Art page



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